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Will the Eggplant Make It, and Which One Will it Be?

I planted a tiny garden after we moved into our new spot. My seeds included yellow squash, zucchini, okra, green beans, eggplant (globe), eggplant (Japanese). It was already late in the season, and July hot. I watered, and watered, but only a few plants dared to emerge from the many different areas I planted.

We now have ONE squash plant, ONE eggplant plant, ONE okra plant, and TWO green bean plants. The squash plant is gigantic and full of blooms. We hoped it would be yellow squash, but I examined today and saw it was the dreaded zucchini. LOL

Two weeks ago, a mindless lawn guy weed-eater'd the eggplant, but the little bugger came back and is starting to flourish. Whether it's the globe style or "Japanese" eggplant, time will tell.

The lone okra plant is growing taller, but I doubt that one plant will provide more than one meal's worth. The green bean plants are blossoming, so we might get a couple of servings before a November frost.

Long story to say, don't plant a Texas garden in July. It's too dang hot!

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