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To Leave a Memory


In this tender portrait, a quirky professor, his psychic wife and their troubled daughter come together to forgive and rediscover how to love. You’ll laugh, cry, and cheer as each character becomes like family.

When history professor Andrew Ward ignores his wife Lizzy's premonition that something will happen if he allows their son to go out one stormy night, tragedy strikes. Andrew is too anguished to admit he was wrong and, over the years, he and Lizzy drift into avoidance.

Forgotten in the marital divide, young daughter Jane can't forgive her brother's death. Nor can Andrew's brother Thomas, an arrogant millionaire and a perpetual prickle in Andrew's side.

When Lizzy decides to leave, Jane -- who is now a tech guru and mother of three -- urges her mother to repair her marriage. But Lizzy’s church sidekick Ouisie encourages her to leave and even offers Lizzy a home.

Oblivious to the women's secret planning, Andrew hides in his office, trying to write a grand apologia to atone for his heartbreaking error. But when a second tragedy strikes, each family member faces a choice that no one wants to make. And Andrew must find the way to redeem himself and leave a memory.

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Out and In: A Romantic Mystery-Thriller


Society beauty and skilled amateur cellist Marie Donovan finds herself in deep trouble after her pro-quarterback husband sails off a Dallas high rise—many say in shame after his investment scheme implodes. Just months later, the widowed Marie's shock turns to terror when she's charged with murdering a lecherous opera maestro. Evidence points squarely at her, but Marie swears she's been framed.

Only her best friend believes her.
The stunning wife of renowned NFL quarterback Cole Donovan is no stranger to struggle. Not only does she fight off the groupies who wanted to take her man, but she feels alienated in Cole's pro-football macho culture. When her philandering, hard-drinking husband retires after an injury, he begins playing with high society's money. Winning at all costs catches up with him...

...and leaves Marie on the hook for millions.
Scorned by society, charged with murder, Marie pins her hopes on defense attorney Ryan Ingles, one of Cole's college football pals. After his legal team reveals a long line of victims to the murdered maestro's charms, the troupe travels to distant islands to locate Cole's missing millions and restore Marie's reputation. As the tropics weave their spell, a corrupt offshore banker makes Marie question if she will ever be free of blame...

...and find her own place in this world.

Backstory: Behind the Scenes of a Famous Film-Thriller

Award Winner! “Telling part of the story with the script format was a very interesting concept...entertaining all the way around.—”

Judge, 9th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards


Told with a series of letters and brief screenplay scenes, this story's dynamic format will make you laugh, cry, and cheer for Merry Mayfield, a mid-life Columbia University film school grad, who relocates to Austin, Texas, after a devastating divorce. Through her diary-like notes to her adored professor Roland Holmes, you’ll share Merry’s pains, joys, and passions—especially for the charming teacher who inspires Merry’s love for drama and film.

You’ll also meet her domineering brother Brandon and zany sister in law Deanna, who each try to exorcise Merry’s demons. And you’ll be amazed by the offbeat characters who enter Merry’s world as she struggles to support her three unhappy teens and find a way to succeed.

As Merry resists her brother’s demands to forgo writing for sales, she wallows in too many martinis, flings with Mr. Wrongs, and brazen acts that lead to trouble. Naively, Merry even dates her stalker, until he sets his sights on her daughter, Nora. What happens next will shock and surprise readers who love a story that unwinds with a wry smile.

“Reader tip: Be sure to read the Foreword and Afterword chapters to fully appreciate this story's ironic (and surprising) turn.”—J.K.K., reviewer

The e-book edition also includes a free chapter of the mystery-thriller Out and In.

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