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Pat Evans presents "Truth of Fiction?
Only the Author Knows for Sure."

Let's Zoom!

$0.99 e-book pricing for book clubs!

Free novels for public libraries!

For Book Clubs

Pat enjoys speaking to book clubs, social clubs, and other organizations on the topic, "Truth or Fiction: Only the Author Knows For Sure." In this PowerPoint presentation, Pat uses examples from famous authors to show how many use truth as a germ for creativity. And how some authors have found themselves in legal or personal trouble for using too much truth or too little. For distant cities, Evans utilizes Zoom.

For Libraries

Pat presents, "Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Writing." In this interactive talk, she helps writers of all levels improve their writing, whether for a speech, presentation, or an important letter. Pat is happy to donate copies of her novels to libraries. Simply contact her at the button below.

For Writers' Conferences

A targeted presentation for writers' conferences, Pat presents "Choosing a Narrator: A Novelist's Most Important Decision." In this Power Point presentation, Pat illustrates the most effective narrative voices and shows how choosing a narrator can make or break a work.

Discount Pricing for Book Clubs

To arrange for Pat to Zoom with your book club, simply click the "Contact Pat" button below. Discounted e-book copies will be made available from the Kindle Store for $0.99 (over a two-day period). In addition, one print copy will be donated free of charge to your local library.

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