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Why Did I Swear at a Stranger, but More Importantly, Where can I Stream "MI-5"?

This evening, Bill and I settled in to watch Season 6, Ep. 1 of "MI-5" on Britbox, but the spy thriller isn't there anymore. Formerly called "Spooks" in the UK, "MI-5" has expired on Britbox, effective April 5, or so I saw via one Google search link that has since been deleted. There's not one thing on the Britbox site about it. Fiddlesticks! "MI-5" was one of the major reasons I signed up for Britbox—that and the fact US network TV series have truly gone to the dogs.

This disappointment topped off an annoying day with Bill's car needing a tow 40-minutes to the south of us, but the rather dimwitted driver got lost. We were following the tow truck in my car so that Bill could talk to the repair shop in person. I'm telling you, we drove up, down, and around Kealakehe (North Kona) until the tow truck driver roared through the parking lot at Home Depot, then entered a lot across the street at the wrong repair shop, where we stopped and got things straightened out.

When we finally pulled into the correct location, some Nervous Nellie started yammering at Bill to move my car because the space Bill had parked in was marked for her husband's business. Problem was, there were very few unmarked parking slots available, which is all too common around the cheap metal buildings that the Big Island calls retail centers.

This woman simply would not let up. She kept repeating that her husband needed that particular space, so Bill grumbled that I would move the car, and off he went to speak to the repair shop. (Thanks, Bill!) As I got out to head to the driver's side, this woman then started yammering at me, telling me how her husband was coming in only a few minutes and how crabby my husband had been and she did not understand why he would treat her that way. I told her, "We're moving the car. See? I'm moving it." But she kept at me, now telling me that she didn't understand why we both were being so rude to her.

Could It Be That She was Exceptionally Annoying?

This woman would not let up. Eventually, I lost it and yelled at her in my loudest voice to STFU, and I did so without one bit of regret. I even added a solid "JC" after that. This being Good Friday, well, that was a bit much. I will always remember how far her face fell. And I imagine she will always remember me as that horrid woman who told her to STFU and took the Lord's name in vain. However, she did shut the F up and walked off to tell someone how awful Bill and I had been.

That's why I wanted to escape this day's delights by watching "MI-5" tonight, but it's not on Britbox, and there's no notice on Britbox. Last we left Season 5, Adam and Roz were trying to escape drowning in one of the U.K.'s Thames Barriers, and I must find out if both survived.

That's why I'm venting to you. If you know where I can resume Season 6, Ep. 1 of "MI-5," please let me know! Thank you for listening.

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