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Do we all have past lives?

Bill and I loved this film, Past Lives, directed by a newcomer, Celine Song. It's gotten cheaper to stream, currently on Amazon Prime for $2.99.

The film is the mature love story of two Korean childhood sweethearts who, over the decades, can't get the other out of their hearts and minds—until one of them makes the decision for both.

Emotionally, it's endearing and bittersweet. The pace is as slow as life actually is, but it's a visual treat with glimpses into Korean life as well as iconic Manhattan imagery.

I especially loved one scene where the heroine and her husband go through a Canadian immigration point, and the officer asks what they do for a living. They reply, "We're writers." Clearly confused, the officer says, "What?" And the pair repeat, "We're writers." The officer shrugs as if being a writer is a very weird thing to do (likely an inside joke).

4 Points on the Pat-Oh-Meter

As for rating, I was so pleased there is a film that the two of us grown-ups actually enjoyed, I wanted to give it five stars simply for that. But I do give it a solid four out of five on the Pat-Oh-Meter.

As I said, the film's pace is slow. I realize this is not an action-thriller, but I would have liked a bit more going on, perhaps stronger sub-plotting that involves each main characters' families. We only get to know the husband is a nice guy, albeit insecure and justifiably jealous. There's the metaphor of past lives related to In-Yun, the Korean phrase for reincarnation. And we enjoy lovely glimpses of Korean life and comic relief when the hero's bros drown their lovelorn sorrows in a bar.

Still, I kept hoping for more to happen between the metaphoric shots of rain and dark skies out bleak hotel windows. Early on, we were told it was going to rain.

Go here to see where to stream. We found it on Amazon Prime.

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