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Dear Presidential Candidates,

If you think it is savvy political policy to:

  • Denigrate higher education and bad-mouth climate science by calling it "elitism,"

  • Restrict women's reproductive rights by calling your anti-freedom views "pro-life," and

  • Repute the rule of law by calling the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI criminals,

Your day of reckoning will be Tuesday, November 5, 2024.

Women vote. In fact, women vote in presidential elections in larger percentages than males. In 2020, 82.2 percent of eligible women voters cast their ballots, compared to 72.5 percent of eligible males. That's a whole lot of votes. Source: Center for American Women and Politics

Women are of many voices, ages, and races. We don't agree on everything; in fact, if you ask two women how to change a light bulb, they'll each have a different solution. But there are three things I can guarantee that women will not allow politicians to take away from us:

  • Opportunities for women and our children to access higher education and the careers and success it affords,

  • Our rights to make critical medical choices that affect our abilities to have successful futures, and

  • Our faith in the U.S. Constitution by polluting your politics with lies, greed, and corruption.

Women vote. And we will vote in numbers like you've never seen before.

Photo credit: League of Women Voters. Used without permission for this blog post only. Please contact author to have it removed.

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