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What an Honor: My Grand Likes My Novel

March 22, 2017

My oldest granddaughter texted me yesterday to tell me that she was reading To Leave a Memory and LIKED IT. What an amazing honor. And, just the day before, her mother, who is my youngest daughter, said that she had "finally" finished Out and In: a women's mystery-thriller, and liked it a lot.

Other family members — even my son-in-law — have done me the honor of reading my work, likely out of courtesy or curiosity, but I so appreciate their comments and especially their support.

Writing is a lonely business, and without family or the support and encouragement of friends and other authors, many writers either give up or turn to the wrong types of encouragement. In those instances, I'm thinking of authors like Hemingway, who drank himself into suicide, or the weirdly reclusive pedophile J.D. Salinger.

Writing is also a very mental business, occupying our lives day and night with ideas, hopes and a sense of urgency to express the story we want to tell in an effective, enduring and entertaining way.

That's why we are very honored when anyone, family or beyond, chooses to read and enjoy our work. If you have, I thank you.

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