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My Silent Orchestra of Angels

December 12, 2017

Besides holiday eggnog, I've developed an "over do it" problem with Dresden porcelain angels. Long ago, my niece's mom gave me a set of seven. Each angel played either a violin, horn, lute, harp, base or cymbals, and there was a conductor too.

Over many years, the angels have broken a wing, or else a horn cracked or a violin bow went to pieces, etc. I've patched them together, but you know how that goes. Glue yellows and the wings fall off again by the next year.

Enter the Internet. Every year, I go on a quest to find the exact angels I was given, but the mark/brand is rare, if not impossible to find. It's also difficult to find angels of the same height of 5.75 inches. Most similar angels are in the 4.5" range. And there is a quality issue. My original angels were high quality, but many available don't have the same refined characteristics.

But when one is drinking eggnog and has an angel disorder, one can find similar replacements--not the same maker's mark, but at least the same height and quality. On Ebay, I've just found another horn player, and I'm looking for another lute player too. Because sellers list several angels at once, I have to buy more than I need. So I now have too many conductors, but they make a nice trio out front.

I really wish my angels could play something for me, as I've spent too many hours and dollars resupplying what is now almost a double orchestra.

I could blame the eggnog, but I think I'll simply say that I relish the delicate energy of my musical angels and look forward to getting them out of their bubble wrap each year.

Again, many thanks for the follow.

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