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Meryl Streep Loves Eddie the 5-0 Dog

October 8, 2017

Our TV-watching dog Meryl Streep, named after the famed actress, was thrilled that the action-detective show "Hawaii Five-0" has added "Eddie" the police dog to its cast. I wish I could upload a photo of Meryl watching this show, but Goodreads' blog platform has VERY confusing instructions on how to insert a photo. I swear, one has to be almost a programmer to write a blog here--in addition to writing novels and trying to get readers to rate them.

Okay, Okay, I digress.

Last night, the Hubby and I watched a DVR'd episode of "Hawaii Five-0," which I watch primarily for the eye candy...not just the glorious scenes of the Hawaiian Islands, but close-ups of Alex O'Loughlin, the Australian actor who plays McGarrett. Although O'Loughlin sports a scruffy, salt-and-pepper beard these days, along with far too many tattoos, he's still hot enough for me to remain glued to the set, no matter how preposterous the plot.

But when Eddie the police dog appeared on the scene, our little dog Meryl, a black and tan Cavalier/Cocker mix, grabbed a stuffed toy--something she has learned to do to keep from barking--then watched fearfully as Eddie was shot, went through surgery, got into a revengeful battle with a bad guy, later ran away, but then was found at a cemetery, grieving its first master.

A Cat Lover? This Cannot Be

Eventually, the hunky McGarrett decided to keep the dog, although he disappointed me by saying he was actually a cat person. (Apologies to cat lovers.) By the episode's final scene, Meryl had abandoned her toy and was jumping and barking at the TV screen, clearly as enamored with Eddie as I was with Eddie's new owner.

To see an online photo of Eddie the new canine actor on "Hawaii Five-0" click this link.

Again, many thanks for reading and rating my work. This TRULY helps an author's career.

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