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Lord Byron Loves June Bugs

In Austin, a species of scarab beetle, a.k.a., the June bug, arrives in March and April. This specimen is Phyllophaga hirtiventris, a cousin to the turf-eating June beetle.

Our dog Lord Byron loves to eat them. It's disgusting. Sometimes they're alive when he gobbles them down, and he'll gag as they try to climb out.

These bugs fly like shotgun pellets into any light, even your iPhone. Because our house has two walls of glass French doors that open to patios, we have to keep all interior and exterior lights off after sunset to avoid being besieged by hordes of June bugs. At night, we walk around in the dark, using our iPhones to light our way. If we don't keep the patios clear, we suffer even more disgust when we let Byron out and he starts eating them.

One night Byron was so consumed by hunting June bugs, he wouldn't come inside when I called, so I simply left him out there for several hours. But he made himself so sick eating bugs, he wouldn't eat his breakfast the next morning. I've thought of getting Byron a muzzle, but that would be another pain, having to muzzle the darn dog each time he goes out. Still, maybe I'll check to see what they've got.

I don't know why I'm going on so long about this, but perhaps I needed to vent. Anything you'd like to complain about today?

If you'd like to know more about June bugs in South-Central Texas, go here:

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