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Just Who is Bigoted and Hate-Filled?

A real estate agent in Lakeway, Texas, jumped on several of my Facebook posts, even though I don’t even know her and we are not "friends." (A couple of my posts were marked public.) In one post, she said, “I saw your article in the Statesman. You must be the most bigoted, hate filled person ever to move to Lakeway."

First off, my article was not in the Austin American-Statesman but instead was a post on this blog titled, “Why We no Longer Live in Lakeway, Texas.” In this post, I detailed the bigotry my husband and I experienced after the 2020 election, when I made it clear to several neighbors and now former friends that we did not worship at the feet of Donald Trump.

You would not believe the venomous comments I've received since publishing that post—comments that prove my blog article's point that Lakeway can be a very caustic place to live if you are not a Trump supporting Republican.

I reported this woman’s attacks to Facebook, and I blocked her profile. My question is, should I also contact her real estate broker to say that one of his Realtors® is attacking people she doesn’t know on Facebook?

Or, would that be too bigoted and hate-filled of me to do? Hmmmmm.

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