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I'm Sick of Racism from All Sides

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Conversation starter: the letter to Joe Biden from 100 black "leaders," telling Biden that he must choose a Black VP or he'll lose the Black vote and therefore the election, well, to me that's just as racist a demand as a bunch of White guys insisting that Trump choose a White VP, not that Trump would ever choose a Black running mate of any gender, although I suspect he might pull a fast one at the last minute and announce Nikki Haley as his VP just to compete for female votes. (Oh, she's so pretty!)

Goodness, if 100 White leaders had threatened President Obama with "he'd better choose a White running mate or lose the election," wouldn't the Black community have gone bonkers about that? Why can't Biden choose the best candidate for the job, male or female, of any race? Geesh. Must we continually pander to every segment of society? If so, the perfect candidate would be a trans-gender but heterosexual female with a half-black/half-white father and a half-Hispanic/half Asian mother.

I'm sick of racism from all sides. Let's just get somebody GOOD.

Illustration credit: Fordham University Black Lives Matter Resources page at this link.

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1 Comment

Cooper Bentley
Cooper Bentley
Oct 04, 2021

Greeat reading your blog post

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