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Goodbye to Elon's Twitter!

I took great pleasure in deactivating my Twitter account on November 3, 2022. I'm not a celebrity, so my 1,100 followers may not even notice, since most were friends, family, readers, authors, and other folks who somehow discovered me.

My reasons are simple: Elon Musk has an aberrant right-wing agenda, and he aims to use Twitter as his propaganda machine. He seems to be the new Rupert Murdock, employing media to spew conspiracy theories and far-right lies. This is solely in order to make money. In fact, Musk recently retweets a post that said the attacker of Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul was someone he knew and was having a homosexual affair with. Hello? Paul Pelosi is an 82-year-old man who was asleep when the attacker broke in with the intent to harm Nancy Pelosi.

Although Musk's Tweet was later deleted, it was retweeted many thousands of times by people who prefer to believe and circulate lies because they are more interesting than the truth.

Although I am not anyone that Elon Musk will care about losing, if enough of us "moderately-nobody types" deactivate our accounts, perhaps Twitter advertisers will take notice and spend their dollars elsewhere. Evidently this is already happening, according to this article in Fortune magazine, although Musk is blaming "activists" who are trying to quash free speech, not the fact that a lot of us mainstream folks DO NOT want our media polluted any further by right- or left-wing activism.

Do you truly need a Twitter account? Do you really need to know what the cheesy Kardashian/Jenner girls are doing? Or do you need to know what confused minds like Bruce/Caitlan Jenner or Kanye West are tweeting today? If not, please go to your profile and deactivate your Twitter account. Oh, but four hours before you do, Tweet @elonmusk and tell him why you are leaving.

Bye-Bye, Elon.

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