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Edsel-Mouth Should Park It

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Donald Trump's mouth has always repulsed me. For one thing, it looks like the front of an Edsel, the failed model Ford Motor Company launched in 1958. Car buyers simply did not like the way the car's open-mouthed grill looked. With sales a failure, Ford discontinued the Edsel in 1960.

Like the Edsel, Trump's mouth pooches in a rectangular shape that a human must work to achieve. Try it yourself. Pucker your mouth, then talk. You really have to sound like a jerk to speak that way.

Perhaps more importantly, what comes out Donald Trump's mouth is nothing that any of us should hear or heed. The man is a certified megalomaniac and a liar whose four-year-dictatorship as president revealed to Americans just how fragile democracy can be when a lunatic is elected. Even a bunch of prominent psychiatrists went out on a limb with Bandy X. Lee, M.D., saying that Trump was mentally unfit to serve.

And You Thought Nixon Was a Crook?

Former president Richard Nixon might have been as much of a demigod, but history has shown Nixon to be a productive president. A list of his accomplishments can be found here. Notable were his initiatives to help America's poor, as well as arms treaties with Russia, and "opening" China to American businesses.

Unfortunately for Nixon's legacy, he got caught in a scheme to steal Democratic voter data. As a result, the term "Tricky Dicky" will forever define Nixon. But Watergate was nowhere near the illegal activities of Donald Trump.

History Will Tell All

May we each live long enough to see Congress, the Justice Department, news media, and historians reveal the extent of illegal acts related to Donald Trump and his equally repulsive sons, Eric and Don, Jr. That pair lie even more than their father, which makes me wonder if the entire family is a bunch of amoral shysters?

The jury is still out on Ivanka. Her sneaky husband Jared certainly milked his presidential advisor role for millions in development deals. And Ivanka's role in Trump Corporation will face ongoing investigations. The only Trump offspring to escape litigation is Marla Trump's daughter, Tiffany, who recently married a guy that has more billions than her father. Good for her. Trump's cast-off daughter wins the monetary prize.

Time to Park It

Like Tricky Dicky, Edsel-Mouth was eventually booted out of office. The scary thing is, Trump did not lose by much, relatively speaking. Seventy-four million deluded voters said yes to the guy. Luckily, eighty-one million patriots voted for Biden.

Unlike Nixon, who left gracefully after Republican Party leaders gave him the "leave or impeach" talk, Edsel-Mouth did not leave gracefully. Instead, he and his team planned weeks before to tell the American people that the election was rigged. "There was massive fraud," Trump lied. And he sent his similarly nutty lieutenants, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, on a nation-wide quest to prove "The Big Lie."

Trouble was, they had no evidence because there was no evidence. But to stay in Trump's graces, the Republican Party quickly became the party of lies and election deniers. Arizona had three separate audits of the 2020 election, which only turned up even more votes for Biden. But one election denier, Mark Finchem, remained so determined, he ran for secretary of state in Arizona.

As a state legislator, Finchem championed several resolutions seeking to decertify the results of the 2020 election in several populous Arizona counties. He also promoted a bill that would give the Arizona legislature the power to reject election results.

Luckily, enough Arizonans and voters nationwide smelled a rat in the November 2022 mid-terms to NOT elect the election deniers chosen by Donald and Melania Trump. And may Trump's announcement to run for the White House be as much of a failure as the November mid-terms and Ford's launch of the Edsel.

In 2024, I have confidence that American voters will impound Edsel-Mouth forever inside the Mar-a-Lago garage.

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