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Does a Dog Need a Professional Masseuse?

June 4, 2017

I just saw an absolutely silly post on Facebook, a video showing a dachshund getting a massage. Seriously. Wiener dog stretched out on a massage table with towels over his private parts, also over his face, while some masseuse rubs the dear thing's tummy, legs and feet.

What in the world? We are taking pet devotion to new heights with this type of frivolous expense. Can’t the pet’s owner rub the dog's tummy, legs and toes? Is a professional masseuse needed to massage a dog's sore muscles from a long day of ... what ... being a dog?

I love my dogs as much as anyone. And I pet them too. In the morning, my pair of Cockaliers and I have what we call, "Morning Love," where I pet them all over, tell them I love them, rub their backs and scratch places they cannot reach. This takes maybe five minutes of my time, but I do it because dogs need love, especially my pair, whose personalities are more in the King Charles Cavalier half than the Cocker Spaniel half, so they require human interaction to be happy.

Again in the evening, while watching TV, I pet the little darlings. Each one gets time up in my chair, where I cuddle them a bit, massage their backs, give them kisses and play with Lord Byron's toes. (He's a little bit "gooshy" and likes me to play with his toes.)

To me, that time with my dogs costs absolutely nothing. I don't have to pay a masseuse. I don't have to set an appointment. I don't have to drive to some dog massage parlor and worry how much to tip. No. I simply pet my dogs in my home.

Donate to Save the Children or UNICEF Instead

Evidently some people think their dogs need the services of a professional masseuse. Truly. But why in the world would anyone spend money on dog massages when there are human children, even in the USA, who don't have enough to eat?

I think we all should take a look at some of the preposterous ways we spend money on pets and instead donate to UNICEF or Save the Children. Then, feeling extra good about ourselves, take a few moments during each day to pet our pets, massaging them the same way a masseuse would. All it takes is a loving touch. While the money we might spend on a dog massage would go instead to human children in desperate situations.

Link to Save the Children: Link to UNICEF:

My rant for the day. Much love to all dogs and children everywhere.

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