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A Very Painful Party

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Dumb me, but I had scheduled a neighborhood open house for last night (Thursday), not considering that I was having stem cell and Platelet-Rich Plasma injections in both knees two days prior, not to mention radiofrequency neurotomy on my lower back last Thursday. This is the new thing ... regenerative medicine, but I tell you, this stuff is not for sissies. In my doctor's packet of information, I read but did not fully comprehend what the term, "you might experience some soreness" meant.

The nurse had offered me pain meds, which should have been a clue but, still full of lidocaine, I declined, thinking I wouldn't need them. Yikes. Hours later, after the lidocaine wore off, the pain was far more than a couple of Tylenol could handle. It was now after my doctor's office hours, and the burning was so severe, I rummaged through every drawer to find any leftover pain meds, but we had dumped those before the move. However, I did remember one of my dog's Tramadol, saved from their recent lipoma surgery. So I took a chance, swallowed two, felt a whole lot better, and called my doctor the next day to get a legal scrip of my own.

The Tramadol helped with pain, but because I am not allowed to take NSAIDs (evidently, they interfere with the stem cell treatments), I was still a bit bent over and limping Thursday morning, trying to throw a party for 30 people.

My First Scooter

When Bill and I went to the grocery to buy wine, beer, and a bunch of easy-fix party stuff, I knew I couldn't walk the aisles very long, so I got one of those electric scooters for the physically challenged and zoomed around the store like I was at a go-cart track. Bill was pissed I could go faster than he could, so he kept putting heavy items into my cart to slow me down.

This was my first time to use a scooter, and I had a grand time, although you frequently have to stand to get your items. I wondered how the truly challenged could manage that part, However, the grocery store staff were very helpful. Seems when I'm upright at a grocery, I can't find a helpful person within miles.

As for the party, it went great, in spite of my limping about. We met a whole bunch of fun, friendly people, and I think we're really going to like it at our new house. I'll let you know how the rest of the back and knee treatments go. This "regenerative medicine" stuff is a whole lot of needles, a whole lot of injections, and a whole lot of burning love.

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