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A Facebook Christmas Story

I've been trying to sell my vacuum on Facebook Marketplace for about a year. It's a relatively new vacuum, high-end Sears canister model with super-duper attachments. We paid well over $500 for it. In fact, it's still for sale on Sears and Amazon for about $400, although sometimes discounted to $299. But a year ago, we put in vinyl plank flooring, leaving only three bedrooms with carpeting. Also, I bought an i-Robot named Herbert whose brain has finally learned its way around the house. And I have a stick vacuum for quick pick-ups, so I don't need a full-featured vacuum anymore.

As great as this vacuum was, I had no luck on Facebook Marketplace beyond a loony guy in California who desperately wanted to buy it for $199, until he explored the costs for shipping it from Hawaii. And there was a young woman in Kailua-Kona who offered me $75 for it, but I kinda told her that was ridiculous. She said something about it being used, so I told her she could buy a new one on Amazon or Sears for twice my Facebook Marketplace price of $199.

Over time, I dropped the price to $175, but still, no action. Then, last night about 8 p.m., a young man messaged me. Fearing a scammer, I asked him several questions that proved he was indeed a live human who lived on this island. He excitedly told me that his mom cleans houses for a living, but her vacuum broke. So he thought he would buy her a vacuum for Christmas.

Best of all, he lives in our village, so he rushed over—handsome young Hawaiian man with lovely manners—and I showed him our expensive Sears canister vacuum with all attachments, 12 FREE dust bags, Pet-mate and all other attachments, etc., and he offered me $150 for the lot.

Okay, so I have a heart. And now his mom has a vacuum to start her workday. I hope she likes it.

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