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A Delightful Chain of Inconveniences

Living on Hawaii Island can turn from delightfully perfect to maddeningly frustrating when you want to buy something you really want, like furniture. Space is tight in our overpriced "little grass shack," as builders here don't think humans need much space. After all, you must always be on the lanai or at the beach, right? (No.)

As a result, we do not have a dedicated office, so we've crammed an older desk that's too big into the guest bedroom, which is actually the largest bedroom in our home. Alongside the desk is a Bush Salinas file cabinet and matching bookcase cabinet.

The file cabinet shipped during our move and, Amazon shipped the matching bookcase cabinet to us just fine last year, with a bit of surcharge. But for some reason, NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY would ship the matching desk to this island.

"Matching" was the key word. I could get it in black or a pine brown, but not the antique white the other pieces are. So I wrote the manufacturer, who replied that I needed a freight forwarder.

Hmmmm. What's this? Online research revealed that these companies get stuff to you when others won't. So I found one today, got a relatively decent quote, bought the desk on sale from Overstock, shipped it to Aloha Freight Forwarders for FREE, YAY, and then they will ship it (yes, stuff gets here on a ship) to Kailua-Kona, where we will pick it up at the dock. All this was done to appease my OCD self, who wanted a matching desk that doesn't stick out and actually has a drawer and cabinet for my books and junk, unlike my old glass computer desk which hopefully will sell on Marketplace to make up for all these expenses.

Of course, I'll have to pay Dave Henry, our neighborhood magician with wood, to put the darn thing together, because Bill and I would wind up getting a divorce if we tried to put it together ourselves, but, sigh, #islandlife can be rewarding when you figure out how to get stuff.

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