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Oh, let's kill two birds with one stone

Dear President Biden and Governor Gavin Newsom,

I'm a middle-road-liberal. In fact I donate to Joe Biden's campaign. But I'd like to emphasize a few facts. When you have the opportunity to appoint someone to key government roles, specifying that you're going to choose a "Black woman" is not only racist, it's also sexist. What about a Black man? An Hispanic? An Asian? Heck, how about a good ol' Anglo woman or man?

How about appointing the best person for the job?

One of the reasons the Democratic Party has lost the votes of America's working and middle class is that the Party's primary message promotes fringe and minority agendas. Sadly, this is done to the detriment of anyone who does not fall in the minority category. Although I'm an Anglo woman and of course would like to see more women in Congress, I'm offended by the solution of choosing a minority woman every time an appointment comes along.

I realized, you're trying to kill two birds with one stone. Joe Biden did it in 2020 with his choice of Kamala Harris for VP. Recently, California's Governor Newsom expressed his views that whoever occupies the late Diane Feinstein's Senatorial post must be merely a "caretaker," not anyone who actually wants the job. That's because Gov. Newsom has his eye on a Black woman who's running for the position. She's got a tough race against a white guy I hope will become President some day: Adam Schiff, not because he's white but because he's got the depth of intelligence and expertise needed in the U.S. Senate.

Get back to helping the working and middle class

For years now, organizations charged with diversifying their hiring practices have solved their quota issues by choosing Black women. However, specifying the race and gender of a person you are going to hire, appoint, or choose has been declared unconstitutional.

Of all political parties, why doesn't the Democratic Party get that? When will Party leaders understand who they actually need to pander to? It's hardworking dads and moms, a.k.a., the majority of Americans who vote. They vote because they want their lives to be better. More importantly, this huge class of voters comes in all colors and genders.

Eureka! You don't have to pander to fringe groups, minorities, or a specific gender, because they are already among the people you need to reach.

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