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Googling Oneself

March 11, 2019

Wow. I googled my author name today and found some stuff I thought had been deleted. Also, I found a thing that teed someone off and another thing that teed me off.

First, I found an old blog on Wordpress that I thought had been deleted. That's been out there for three years untended. Yikes, so I deleted that.

Next, I found a three-year-old post on a certain writers organization Facebook page that had landed me in a bit of hot water with the powers that were. Last I heard, I had been removed from that site and organization, thankfully, but there was my post. So I deleted that, although one of the muckity-mucks recently unfriended me for having said the negative thing.

(Regrettably, I cannot stop saying what I think. A fault, admittedly.)

Thirdly, I found my novel OUT AND IN is posted for sale on Ebay at $16.99, which is $5 more than it costs on Amazon. So I gave the novel a five-star rating on Ebay and told Ebay users to buy it on A M A Z O N. That's the goofy spacing you have to use because Ebay won't let you put links to other sites, even though an Ebay user is violating my copyright by selling my novel on Ebay.

Bottom line to this rant: as an author, it's interesting what you find out about yourself on Google.

Thank you for reading and reviewing my work!

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