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Too Sleepy (or Wise) to Make Croissants

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

A lack of energy Saturday morning reminded me that when I worked a full-time day job, I used to unwind by watching PBS cooking shows. So, from Rick Bayless, I learned to make chipotle albondigas (meatballs), which are definitely on my upcoming dinner plans.

Jacques Pépin (guest chef on "Simply Ming") showed me how to quickly pan-fry sole coated in crunchy onions, served with anchovy butter (mouth watering!). Here's the link to the recipes from that episode. I Googled this dish and saw that Chef Pepin makes it on a number of TV shows. Must be his hip-pocket demo dish.

On "Pati's Mexican Table," Pati Jinich made a no-bake chocolate pie that I've got to try, calories or not. It's got way too many fattening things in it, but for a special occasion, hey. Go here for that recipe.

After that, Martha Stewart and a somber French baker demonstrated with cool precision how "real" French croissants are made, although the show omitted all segments where the baker had to roll the dough for hours. Poor guy looked scared to death as well, so I clicked the "off" button and took a nap. I'm not about to spend hours making croissants. There are people who LOVE doing that, and I'm glad they do. Bon appetit!

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