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No Fingerprints. I Should Be a Crook!

May 25, 2017

Three times now, I've had my fingerprints taken to submit to the FBI. This is related to a Texas concealed handgun license (CHL) that I got years ago after the Sandy Hook massacre. No, I'm not a gun nut, and quite honestly I hate the things, but my husband and I were about to go on a three-month road trip, and we were concerned about being accosted while on the road.

My husband was in the military, so he's had lots of experience with guns. But I had never shot one in my life. So I hired a guy to teach me all about guns. He did a great job, and I admit that I enjoyed shooting the darn thing -- at targets, anyway. I don't know if I have it in me to shoot a human unless he was going to harm my family. But I do think I would have been able to shoot the Sandy Hook killer, even if he was a boy himself.

Anyway, after I had my fingerprints taken for my CHL, someone called and said I didn't have any identifiable ridges, so they retook the prints. Later I got a letter saying, basically, that I don't have fingerprints.

My husband got a laugh out of that and jokingly suggested maybe I should start robbing banks.

Five years have passed so it's time to renew my CHL. Yesterday, I got fingerprinted again. Well, the digital system is a lot better now than five years ago, and I thought the technician surely had gotten a good set of my finger prints. But I got a call back this afternoon, saying that my fingerprints did not have identifiable ridges. So, back I go again tomorrow for another set.

If that set proves for the fourth time that I don't have any fingerprints, I've decided to take my husband's advice. There's a heck of a lot more money in robbing banks than there is in being an Indie author.

Keep me out of jail. Buy my books!

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