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I Think We're Being Avoided.

We are having a party in a few weeks. A friend declined via a lengthy and rather defensive email, saying she and her husband are Covid-shy.

But the two just got back from an Alaska cruise!

Said she, "We wore masks all the time," as if that kept her totally safe.

I agree, masks are important in public settings, but probably not needed for our party, since we and our friends are mostly geezers, and 99% of those attending are likely double-vaxxed and triple-boosted. And everyone will be sitting outside, or inside, but all doors will be open for ventilation.


Probably feeling like she should return the invitation, this friend asked us to attend a food truck festival one night at our local shopping center, with the reasoning that since she and her husband wear masks, they will not get Covid. (But if she comes to our party, she will?)

I told her no thanks to the food truck festival, as I'd rather mingle with the 40 vaccinated people at our party than worry about some food truck cook with a fever, sweating on my taco, then handing it to me as I turn and bump into some nice fellow who had delivered Nyquil to his mom's house earlier because she thought she might be coming down with the flu (or Covid?). After he picks up the taco sack he bumped out of my hands, I then joggle my way through a crowd of 100 people I don't know to sit on a bumper of my car, where a sweet lady walks by with three coughing children ... "Oh, not to worry, they just have a cold!" (Or Covid?)

After I choke down my taco, I go home to wonder when the bug will strike.

Again, I go Hmmmmm.

This is not an argument about whether or not to wear a mask. I also would wear one on a cruise, and I still wear one in public settings, like the grocery store, airport, and movie theaters. And I think we all should until a preventative vaccination appears. Until then, Covid is not going away.

But some people seem to think that a mask will protect them completely, but they don't want to socialize at a party because most people will not be masked.

My Hubster says, "Pat, they simply don't want to come to the party."

He's probably right. Still, it was interesting to me to see others' perspectives on which is the better way to not get Covid. In the meantime, I'll take this "friend" off my social lists, then knock wood and say a prayer that our upcoming party won't turn into some Super Spreader event.

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