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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

My newest novel BACKSTORY: Behind the Scenes of a Famous Film-Thriller is now available Kindle only for $0.99, now through Sept. 30. The paperback version is $12.99.

What's it about?

FADE IN: to the edgy, funny, and scary world of Backstory—a single mom’s quest for love and screenwriting fame. But wait: A serial killer is stalking her and her daughter.

YOU’LL WORRY, laugh, and cheer for Merry Mayfield, a mid-life Columbia University film school grad, who relocates to Austin, Texas, after a devastating divorce. Through her letters to her adored professor Roland Holmes, you’ll share Merry’s pains, joys, and passions——especially for the charming teacher who inspires Merry’s love for drama and film. You’ll also meet her domineering brother and zany sister in law, who try to exorcise Merry’s demons. And you’ll be amazed by the offbeat characters who enter Merry’s life as she struggles to support her three unhappy teens and find a way to succeed.

AS MERRY RESISTS her brother’s demands to forgo writing for sales, she wallows in too many martinis, flings with Mr. Wrongs, and brazen acts that lead to trouble. Naively, Merry even dates her stalker, until he sets his sights on her daughter, Nora. What happens next will shock and surprise readers who love a story that “unravels with a wry smile.”

To buy, please go to this link. Again, many thanks for reading and rating my work! Did you also leave your rating on Amazon? Hope so, and enjoy your good reads!

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