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ARCs of Backstory Now Online

Love, Laughs, Suspense, Surprise

Backstory: Behind the Scenes of a Famous Film-Thriller was written for shrewd readers who relish unusual formats, literary content, and audacious characters.

Advance-reader copies (ARCs) for this award-winning contemporary novel are now available for download at Book Sirens. Grab your copy now by signing up at this link.

“Telling part of the story with the script format was a very interesting concept...entertaining all the way around.—”
 Judge, 9th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards

Winner...Honorable Mention in Contemporary Fiction!

Although an award-winner, even the author must admit that Backstory is not for everyone. It's told with a combo of scenes, letters, and editorial remarks. So check out sample pages before downloading an ARC to review. Like all authors of "literary works," I'm hoping sophisticated reviewers will give this book a full read. If you do, I think you might enjoy the ride.

Please let me know if you take part in the BookSirens ARC campaign.

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