Fiction Editing Services

There are a lot of editors these days, but not many who have a master's degree in English/creative writing, 25 years' experience copywriting for global corporations, and two 4.6-star rated novels on Amazon. I hope you will give me the opportunity to serve your editorial needs.

Perhaps because I adored diagramming sentences in junior high school, I am a slow, deliberate reader who will stumble over the slightest structural anomaly. Recently, several writer friends have asked me to read and review their novels, but that placed me in the awkward position of telling friends that they need stronger editorial support. As a result, I've decided to take a selected number of editing projects. Please review the following details and let me know if you would like to submit your novel, book manuscript, or short story for editing services.

Editing for Novelists and Authors

My overall goal is to help you become a better writer and story teller by pointing out issues I see with grammar, sentence structure, overall story or structure, plot points, misplaced modifiers, characterizations, narrative voice, style, tone, word choices, continuity—the list goes on. For a glossary of writing terms, I refer you to this page.

Let's not get hung up on terminology. My process is to read your complete work, then heavily edit the first 100 pages, using MS Word's track changes and comments boxes. After editing the first 100 pages and reviewing your full manuscript, I will return the manuscript to you for revision. In this way, you will learn how to become your own best editor.

Once you have revised your work, you may return it to me for the full second read and edit.

Throughout the editing process, my focus will be on the whole of your work. One caveat: I will catch as many errors and typos as possible, but I strongly suggest a final proofread by a professional proofreader. A perfect novel takes many eyes, and my editing skills lean more toward developmental editing and writing quality than the nitpicks of proofreading.

Rates for Fiction Editing for Novels or Short Stories



Below is a general breakdown of charges for manuscript editing. Sometimes editing fits between categories, and fees must be adjusted accordingly. I will send an estimate of all charges before we begin work.


My primary focus is developmental and line editing. This includes copy editing that focuses on word choice, phrasing, clarity, flow, continuity, developmental comments, yes those dreaded typos. Please note: I do not do ghost writing.


$.02 (two cents) per word for two full reads; note, I will edit only the first 100 pages during the first read, then do a complete second read and edit after you have revised the manuscript from my initial notes.

Edits after two full reads:
$.01 (one cent) per word for a third (one-pass) read of your manuscript.


Additional words above the initial count will be charged at $.02 per word. For example, if your initial manuscript is 60,000 words, but your revision comes back at 80,000 words, I will charge you for the additional 20,000 words.

I use the Chicago Manual of Style for grammar, punctuation, and style guidelines, and Merriam-Webster for spelling and hyphenation.

Electronic word counts are provided by MSWord, including all titles and one-letter or repetitive words, like "a" and "the." I prefer to work within your MSWord .doc with track changes turned on. Manuscripts must be formatted as 8" x 11" with one-inch margins, double-spaced, and the first line of each paragraph indented .5 inch. Chapter headings should be centered. The font must be 12 point Times (Times New Roman). These are industry standards. Please spell-check your work before submission.

I will need to see your manuscript before quoting a firm price.

Payment Options

A 50% upfront payment is required. The final 50% is due before delivery of the edited manuscript. Funds must clear before editing begins. Projects under $200 require 100% payment upfront.



Please understand that I pre-schedule most projects due to demand and my workload. If I hold a date for you, then you must provide your work on deadline. A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to hold a date for projects above 25,000 words.


Methods of Payment Accepted

* PayPal
* Credit cards
* Personal checks

Let me know how I can be of assistance.